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20th April 2009, 05:24 PM
17:01 - SBC| Bombshell: Practice practice practice, and work as a team, all you gotta do
17:01 - SBC| Bombshell: Sticky spam = no
17:01 - SBC| Bombshell: Er
17:01 - SBC| Bombshell: Soldiers need to be more agressive
17:01 - SBC| Bombshell: Switching to classes their not too good at = bad
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: Had a sniper try it and then a pyro.
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: Was easier than before
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: Scouting was good
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: I went pyro to eliminate that
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: er
17:02 - SBC| Bombshell: be more reactive
17:03 - SBC| Bombshell: i was swooping behind you and getting a kill before fleeing and whoever your medic was healing didnt do shit
17:03 - SBC| Bombshell: just practice more

Ok i Know you guys might not want to take the advice, but its just there if you do, I personally am not making any judgments.

Also The Demo of the match is http://rapidshare.com/files/223642071/atkmatchesdemo.rar.html

If you dont no how to view demos post and i will walk you though it.


21st April 2009, 02:30 PM
Could an idea be we all get on ts together and watch the demo as a group commenting on what happened?

But after that last game im in agreement with just his first statement
We just need to play more, we get beaten, we learn from it and hopfully at some point those losses will turn into wins

21st April 2009, 06:36 PM
It the same with any game, like our cod4 clan, we had a group of v good players at public and matches but at the start we where gettin beat by pretty shit teams...but eventually when we had played 10 or so matches together we eventually started winning most of our games...its just gettin the teamwork and map strats once you've done that its just a matterof a little practise and sorted.