• League of Legends Regionals (EU, NA, SEA)

    Regionals began with the EU Regional Finals taking place at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany. There were some really close games and some unexpected upsets as only the top 3 teams could go on to the Season 2 finals in LA. Moscow 5, SK Gaming and CLG. EU took the top three places and advanced to the Season 2 finals, with Fnatic, Alternate, TeamAcer, EloHell and Curse.EU being knocked out. SK gaming came out and showed why they are one of the top European teams and with close games against Moscow 5, leaving Europe with three strong challengers for the finals.

    Next up was the NA Regionals. These would prove to be some of the closest games of pro League of Legends ever seen, with hundreds of thousands tuning in to witness it. Dignitas and CLG had one of the longest games in competitive League history, fighting it out for over 75 minutes. TSM were the eventual winners, with Dig and CLG taking the other two finals places leaving Curse in fourth and missing out on the all important S2 finals. There was some heated words between TSM and Dignitas after the final game, with Reginald stating that it was "the easiest finals of their lives", after some previous bad mouthing from Dignitas had been said on the pregame interview. It will be interesting to see what happens next time these two teams come up against each other.

    Most recently, the South East Asian finals took place (although I didn't get to watch this). Saigon Jokers took first place with Singapore Sentinels and TNC GG.PH taking the other two places.

    With more regionals to come, the Season 2 finals are looking very exciting. The finals will be held in Los Angeles, California. You can catch it on the weekend of October 13th 2012 to compete for the $3 million combined prize pool.
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