• Attention All Writers!

    A week has gone by, and the new features to ATK website have been a giant success. Like everything new, there is always going to be teething issues, and while the quality of the content has been suprisingly good, I'd like to offer a few suggestions and tips which will save time when it comes to editing the articles before publishing them.

    I'll start off with the musts. These will have to be changed if any of the following occurs, and eats up time when it comes to editing.

    • All articles must start with an image, of resolution 625 x 400. This makes it not stretch. Other images can be a resolution of your choice, but don't make them more than 625px wide.
    • This is a family friendly website, therefor no bad language, keep it clean!
    • Make sure the first three lines of your article are full sentences, without being written in bold, italics or with an underline. Also make sure there is no spacing before these initial sentence, as it looks poor when previewing it on the website.
    • Give it a good read through yourself before leaving it to be edited!

    Some articles have been bombarded with views, while others remain fairly untouched, some tips to make your article a massive success.

    • Reddit is your friend, this week we have seen articles break the 2000 views mark within a couple of days through submitting links on relevant subreddits. A great tool to boost the popularity of your article and well recommended.
    • If you haven't got a lot to say, keep it short and sweet. As soon as you begin to ramble, it will be a case of tldr more often than not.
    • It may sound obvious, but please research the topic, find out things that people aren't going to have heard about. Try to incorporate some quotes from people in the know, source your own screenshots or videos, and just generally add something that will make your article worth a read.

    Finally just a couple of pointers about how to embed content into the article. Pictures can be added by finding the "insert image" button on the article editor, and can either be added using a url, or uploaded from your computer. There is a maximum of 5 images allowed per article. Youtube clips and alike can be embedded by beginning and ending with the following script "[video=[/video]" with the address of the video being inserted after the "=" sign.

    After your article is finished, there are fields on the right hand side. If you are aware of what these fields are by all means fill them in, but otherwise it is a relatively short job to do, and editors will be more than happy to handle it.

    Thank you to everyone writing articles, it is greatly appreciated and i hope this clears up any queries had, for further questions please leave a comment, and ill answer in an edit.
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