• Black Mesa: What A Beauty

    Yesterday evening the gaming world was sent a flurry with the launch of Black Mesa, a Half-Life 2 total conversion of Half-Life. The mod, done by a dedicated team purely in their free time, has been a full eight years in the making with many almost giving up hope entirely that the game would ever arrive.

    All that development time certainly paid off. As soon as I loaded up the game I was blown away by the new models, maps, music, voice acting and textures. The game doesn't look dated, and every small detail has been perfected. I've spent almost all of my 3 hour playtime exploring and enjoying all the little things, although many headcrabs did get owned in the process.

    There's no reason not to get your game on and give it a shot. It's even coming to Steam officially soon through the Greenlight process. One thing to note is that this is only the first portion of the game (from Inbound to Lambda Core), with the second portion (from Xen to End Game) being set for release likely next year along with Black Mesa: Deathmatch.

    Let us know how you get on by joining in the discussion on the forums: http://www.atkcommunity.com/showthre...cussion-Thread

    Download: http://release.blackmesasource.com/

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    1. kneticz's Avatar
      kneticz -
      Having never played the originals I think i'll have to give this a go
    1. Target's Avatar
      Target -
    1. Joe's Avatar
      Joe -
      Looks awesome from what I've seen, definitely going to try it when I get some spare time!
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