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    Check out my YouTube channel please!

    First of all guys thanks for clicking on this thread! (It actually means the world!)

    Now i don't want you guys to just click here and subscribe to my channel that's not what i'm asking for however...
  2. Check out my new video guys! it means ALOT

    Here's my latest video it's black ops 2 zombies on town, With commentary, i hope you guys enjoy and message me on youtube for a chance to livestream with me when i do my future ones! Aweesomeee

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    Check out my channel

    Okay so im a gamer myself and i post regular content of my gaming experiance on youtube i also am looking for a very stable and awesome fan base on my channel so if you guys could take the time to...
  4. "Don't Starve" Epic game with Commentary!
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    Race to prestige w/Commentary!

    I have finally gotten round to doing a decent enough commentary which i believe it is anyway cause you can actually hear me and stuff, i'll be releasing a lot more content as of from now ill be doing...
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    Black Ops 2 Zombies With Girlfriend Part 2
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    Black Ops 2 Zombies With Girlfriend!

    So the weekend me and my girlfriend decided to play som zombies then it crossed my mind, why don't we just seup a game of zombies record the whole game and see how far we could survive so we did!...
  8. Re: Black Ops 2 - Introduction w/Commentary (imAshone)

    Downvote? hmm and there's simply nothing wrong with consoles.. Consoles run smoother for me and maybe they do for other people though i do prefer pc graphics i love consoles we're all entitled to our...
  9. Black Ops 2 - Introduction w/Commentary (imAshone)

    :grin: <--- Smile people because im here to introduce you to my YouTube channel not too sure if many of you guys will like me and what i do but i run a new channel with at the moment videos on Black...
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