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Thread: Gathering a Team to Work on a Video Game

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    Gathering a Team to Work on a Video Game

    Hey all you lovely people,

    I am wanting to gather some people together with a friend of mine possibly 5 or 6 to work on a Video Game. This project will not be paid this is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I would like to find people who share the same idea in mind also.

    Little bit about myself:

    My Name is Darren Ingledew I graduated from Teesside University studying Computer Games Art and currently work part time in the Middlesbrough area.

    I am wanting to build a strong team who share the same core interest 'love to build video games'

    As you'd expect I am looking for Games Artists/Animators, Programmers, Sound Guys, Designers though I believe all members involved should be involved in this role.

    This is a genuine post to find people who are generally interested so no hate or none sense please. It would be also great if people who are interested are in the area though this is not a must as we have this great world wide web available at our finger tips

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    Re: Gathering a Team to Work on a Video Game

    I hope the team search goes well!

    Not sure you'll have much luck here as a lot have real jobs now.
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