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Thread: ATK XMAS Draw - FREE copy of L4D!!

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    Re: ATK XMAS Draw - FREE copy of L4D!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious Horizon View Post
    I did? Bollocks. I can never get that word.
    You can contradict yourself though .

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    Re: ATK XMAS Draw - FREE copy of L4D!!

    I can also make absolutely no sense in every single post I make in a day.
    Take that ya one-eyed, bomb-lobbin', cactus eatin', pot bellied, thug fat jigglin-chicken whoopin' big, back-stabbin lob-armed creepy spastic bloody, blind-eyed pashy little twitchy pickle-headed rocke- hoppin, potato-poppin' phony two-faced stealthy mutant bastard!

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    Re: ATK XMAS Draw - FREE copy of L4D!!

    comon challex its been evening for ages who wone :P

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