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Thread: Overheating Problems

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    Overheating Problems

    Today, when was playing tf2 it started lagging like mad ; it continued to do this throughout the time I was playing. After the game I felt the computer and it was very very hot. So Iím convinced the computer was overheating due to the fan not working properly. I want to try cleaning the fan but how would I go about this, I don't want to open up the computer because this would cancel my warranty. Could I use a vacuum cleaner or something to suck out any dust on the fan ?
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    Re: Overheating Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Zealous View Post
    I don't want to open up the computer because this would cancel my warranty.
    You could probably vacuum the intake and exhaust fans without taking the side off, however you're probably going to want to clean the inside because that's where the CPU and GFX card fans are. I'm sure taking the side off wouldn't void the warranty.

    Make sure you have latest video drivers installed, then download FurMark and run a stability test (not benchmark) at default resolution with 2x MSAA. Your temperatures should rocket up but anything less than 90C is fine, if you see artifacts (tears, odd pixels), or your computer shuts down then you know something is wrong.

    You can also do the same with your CPU and RAM, the tool I use is Orthos, it's best to let it run over a few hours to make sure your system is stable.

    EDIT: You also said something about it being next to a wall, try putting it somewhere open so air can easily circulate around the room.
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    Re: Overheating Problems

    Take the side off and vaccum all of it, thats wot i did wit my pc Just make sureu don't have the fans blocked my ur desk or walls. How many fans has ur pc got?

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    Re: Overheating Problems

    Some brilliant advice there ^&^

    Using a vaccum cleaner anywhere near your electrics is very very bad, you will do damage most of the time and sometimes you can completly destroy hardware as the air is highly charged when using a vaccum cleaner.

    Use C02 cans or just take it outside and blow on it.

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    Re: Overheating Problems

    Some manufacturers do put a seal on the computer which voids the warrenty if opened, however they are normally easy enough to peel off and replace after

    Cleaning your gfx is usually a matter blowing into the fan a few times and the dust should rocket out. If your card has a dual slot cooler try blowing had into the exit slot too.

    If you have a stock cpu cooler (which if its OEM you will) usually the only way to clean properly is remove the cooler, unscrew the 4 screws on each corner of the fan, revmoce the fan, vacuum/blow/wash the heatsync outside of the case and clean fan with damp cloth. Then replace and your done.

    As for it overheating in the start if you have a dual slot cooler on your gfx card i very much doubt that will be the case without overclocking it, and TF2 isnt exactly the most CPU intensive game in the world.

    Even if your pc is a heat trap (like cillit bangs old one), it would usually take 4 or 5 hours of continuous max load at standard speeds to overheat.

    Have you recently updated you drivers? If not do so, and if yes, roll back to the previous.

    What card does your pc have in it?

    If its a high spec ATI card (4850, 4870, 3850, 3870, etc) IT may go well over 110 degrees and not be in the red. Their designed to run ok stupidly hot :P

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    Re: Overheating Problems

    If you are going to clean it mate then use compressed air. Vacuum cleaners are really bad and can really damage your components. Investing like £5 in compressed air is better than forking out more than £100 for a new graphics card.

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