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Thread: WTS Aion Collectors

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    WTS Aion Collectors

    Yo, I'm selling my AION Collector's Edition Account to anyon with Paypal.

    Price is 37. You get everything like Acc Name, Pass, etc etc etc.

    Account also has a 17 Ranger and 8 Mage (Last I checked)

    Plus it has the pre-order items avaliable to use as well. This means that with AION, you can log into the site, and send any new character starter items, from the pre-order and Collectors Edition. Instructions can be found on their site.

    The edition cost 45 for purchase.

    I'm offering it for 35. No lower. PM Me with questions.

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    Re: WTS Aion Collectors

    Why you selling it?

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    Re: WTS Aion Collectors

    Learn to read oric, it says pm questions

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    Re: WTS Aion Collectors

    Yeah but i too would like to know the answer, saves time

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    Re: WTS Aion Collectors

    It's just not a game I enjoy, i'm selling it for 35 to someone, so if anyone has a better offer (consider retail for collectors is 45) then it's sold

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