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Thread: ATK v3.0

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    ATK v3.0

    2010 is a year for change. Within the next 2 days ATK will change its look completely, but this does come at a cost.

    Firstly, we'll be upgrading to the latest vBulletin which isn't cheap. The version we're currently using is no longer supported, and is looking a little dated.

    Since current vBulletin skins won't work on the new version, we're going to re-do the ATK design. It'll be much more web2.0, and boxes will have curved corners!

    If you'd like to help with the ~$200 cost of doing these upgrades, please CONTRIBUTE. Everything is hugely appreciated!
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    Re: ATK v3.0

    lolololololol Chalex needs money for his pc fund for i40
    Erm I'll try and donate something, however I have been saying this for a long long time...

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    Re: ATK v3.0

    So I herd u lieked planning, so I put a plan in yo plan, so you can plan, while you plan.

    Oblique meme and mumble references aside-

    I'll try to donate something (as my rents are paying for i40 I've suddenly got alot of cash to spare).
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    Re: ATK v3.0

    Well Chalex, you know how I contribute... so like usual I'll be paying you in PSD's. Lohl don't worry I'll contribute something of course, was my suggestion anyway to redesign the site, even if it may only be whatever loose change I have in my wallet when I turn up at yours tomorrow
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