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Thread: Helix.SC2 - Stolen Build Logs

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    Helix.SC2 - Stolen Build Logs

    Those of you who have looked at the Noob Notes will see that the second and third dailies that I revised were the two relating to stealing a build from a replay, practicing it in a certain way to make it your own, and then constantly refining it in order to then take it onto the ladder. In the second daily, Day9 looks at the play of Senth as he looks to refine a Naniwa push. Going through the stages of Building Group Practice, Unit Mix Practice and Refinement, Senth grdually improves his play using the build, to the point where his final replay is nearly matching the time and speed of Naniwa in the actual game. During this process, Senth logs what went well in each practice run, what could be improved upon and what observations he made, using them to constantly improve his following games.

    It is one exercise that I encourage all members to do at least once. As an example, I have begun a Google Doc to cover my progress in the same format relating to a Thor/Hellion push utilised by Puma against IdrA in last months MLG Providence. When trying this, try to keep a similar format, but if something else works better for you, then go for it! Be sure to post links to the documents here so that we can all look at them and see how you're progressing. Note the number of games for each stage (3, 6 and 6 respectively) should be seen as the recommended amount (read: minimum), but you can spend as many games as you want on each stage.

    The template can be found HERE
    For further guidance, be sure to refer to the noob notes for dailies #285 and #289.
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    Re: Helix.SC2 - Stolen Build Logs

    Puma's Hellion/Thor Push (vs. IdrA, MLG Providence Championship Bracket, Losers Round 6, Game One)

    Link to original replay: HERE (Championship Bracket Set, Losers Bracket, Round 6)

    My notes and progress log: HERE

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