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Thread: League of Legends, introductory to the team....

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    League of Legends, introductory to the team....

    Ok, so after a "shor"t amount of inactivity over christmas lets get this League team properly rolling. I want at least 3 nights a week of ranked 5's + go4lol on sunday, usually starting early afternoon time. This is just an initial forum post, i will make a roster post weekly....

    I suggest we play between 8-11 on the nights, obviously we can be flexible between this but usually dinners are out the way and everyone is back and chilled either from uni or work.

    Please post which days you can't do for certain every week, any odd days we will discuss weekly.

    Bookmark the league of legends forum category, and check it daily for any updates, if you do not stay active enough, you'll most likely be kicked out the team, and if you let us down by saying you'll be there and not being on multiple occasions you will most certainly be.

    Ill get the ball rolling, I can't do Friday nights, a part from this im a pretty big no lifer.

    Also future plans are to attend the i46 event in the summer, currently ticket prices are 64 for the early early bird tickets. I also plan to throw a boot camp round my house a month or so prior in January, to make sure you all turn up, as i've been unfortunate to have LAN dodgers in the past....

    that's pretty much everything up to date, if you haven't signed up already sign up to and then we'll put you on the roster. Cheers guys x

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    Re: League of Legends, introductory to the team....

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday safe bets. Other days possibles

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    Re: League of Legends, introductory to the team....

    Need to try and make Sundays compulsory for go4lol, but if we have a sign up system it should be ok, as some sundays I may not be available but will try and make sure I'm not working. Otherwise pretty much every weekday, will be a lot more active after the 20th when I got back to part time at work, will have the odd day off.

    I think when the new website gets finished we can have more options for calender and sign up things, but I'll talk to chalex about this.
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    Re: League of Legends, introductory to the team....

    yey for hitler internet -_-

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