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Thread: Goals for the next 3 weeks

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    Goals for the next 3 weeks

    I put 3 weeks hoping that it won't take any longer than this .

    1. Get a solid roster of at least 5 people that can be on and ready to play on week day evenings.

    2. Play some decent ranked 5's, get some idea of team comps and objective focusing.

    3. Try and climb solo q ladder, think we should all be aiming for at least Gold for end of season. (set goals maybe say your going to try and gain 30 elo each week or something) think solo q is important for our team games, although you do get derps, you have to have much more map awareness and you get punished a lot harder if you suck because you can't rely on your teammates to help/carry you.

    4. Mastering at least 3 champs for your role, maybe more but start with 3 for now

    If we can get the first two done in the next 3 weeks then we can start to look towards mid week cups and ladders that have started to appear as LoL is taking over the competitive gaming scene.

    The third is just an on going goal, but I think its really important, especially atm as we don't have that core 5 man team sorted.
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    Re: Goals for the next 3 weeks

    I own as every AD carry im awesome.

    But no solo queue can be annoying, im slowly climbing though, might steal theory for some duo to climb

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    Re: Goals for the next 3 weeks

    I'll place wards. kk GG
    Take that ya one-eyed, bomb-lobbin', cactus eatin', pot bellied, thug fat jigglin-chicken whoopin' big, back-stabbin lob-armed creepy spastic bloody, blind-eyed pashy little twitchy pickle-headed rocke- hoppin, potato-poppin' phony two-faced stealthy mutant bastard!

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    Re: Goals for the next 3 weeks

    I hope they are in the bottom area.

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    Re: Goals for the next 3 weeks

    I was going to say something. Just that I wanted to make sure that this whole thing does get rolling and we can get into a repetitive playstyle where we play on so and so night everyweek. Making sure that everyone is motivated and everyone has the same goals and stuff, long term. For example next iSeries, dominate go4lol, get up the ranked ladder etc. I think there's huge potential if we can make sure we get this rolling with everyone here when times are set etc.

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