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Thread: League Of Legends go4lol Sunday 26th

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    League Of Legends go4lol Sunday 26th

    Hello folks, maybe last minute been i've managed to speak to most of you anyway, i believe we've scrambled together 5 for the go4lol tomorrow,

    as it stands we have;
    (and mitch was willing to step in to play)

    i don't think target or excoundrel are able to play.

    It's due to start at 1pm our time, but if we're all on for 12:30 this would be good,

    if your not already signed up to the lol time please do so as well as updating your lol account with an your account name. Just stops games from being defaulted by the enemy team if they choose to.

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    Re: League Of Legends go4lol Sunday 26th

    What an exciting go4lol that was for us!

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    Re: League Of Legends go4lol Sunday 26th


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    Re: League Of Legends go4lol Sunday 26th

    was it awesome?

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