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Thread: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

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    Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    Recently there's been chatter that Valve — the company behind the massively popular gaming service Steam — has been considering getting into the hardware business. Specifically, there have been rumors that the company has been toying with the idea of creating a proper set-top console which could potentially pose a threat to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell even recently told Penny Arcade: "Well, if we have to sell hardware we will."
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    So it seems like Valve will be making a gaming console! Well, not the hardware side, but the software. The actual consoles will be made by other manufacturers that'll be working closely with Valve. There'll all have a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU apparently (so that devs know lifecycle), and be able to run any standard PC gaming titles (including EA Origin ones). Additionally there'll be a wide variety of peripherals and some kind of biometrics interface that'll make you "never look back".

    Anyone else also predict that this'll be released along with HL3 and CS: GO ?
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    Re: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    It's basically a cheap PC in a small console like box. Theoretically this could be so much better than consoles. Providing it costs a similar price, the games would be a LOT cheaper, you'd have a wider range of available games, you'd have more than just a gaming console (web browser, media player, all that jazz), and you could still plug it in to your TV and have all the benefits of using a console.

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    Re: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    Don't think I'll need to invest but it does sound good if thats the case

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    Re: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    I think it's going to be better than sony's or microsoft if it's not too expensive

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    Re: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    Sounds pretty awesome to be fair

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    Re: Valve 'Steam Box' gaming console

    Always thought that getting a PC that was more like a console would be good, like you just put the game in and play, but you have a mouse and keyboard
    Gets annoying playing around with PC's to make them work coz there so temperamental

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