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Thread: When a gamer become a researcher...

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    When a gamer become a researcher...

    hello gamers and the ATK Gaming Community,

    I am passionate about games my entire life, and I still remember the very first game "Dune" in the Window DOS which I love it so much. Well, even though I do play games everyday and night, (I still very remember my moments when I play Final Fantasy Tactics day and night for 2 days and the sound effects are just so nice), and without paying much attention to my studies in school, I become a Ph.D. students. Very strange, isn't it?

    Now's the problem, I have no ideas what i would like to do on my research at all, and all the topics posted by my professors are quite "difficult" for me. Anyhow, I am determined and decided that I gonna do some research that is related to games and none other than that! and finally I am happy I found the concept of "gamification".

    You may heard of it, but just providing a brief background, gamification is the process of applying those crazily engaging game concepts, elements, thinking, and design and use it on non-gaming area. For example, applying in learning area so to encourage students to learn better once learning becomes more engaging and fun just like playing games.

    In order to do this, I decided to conduct a mass questionnaire on answering a simple question on understanding, "why "we" gamers love playing games" ( I also don't understand myself too :P)

    I regard ATK as a cool gaming community, is growing consistently, and has a huge reflexivity of its own community. Only if you are free and available, I hope for your favorable support and of ATK Gaming community regarding this interesting question. I have done it myself, and I think gamers will have fun doing this survey. Also, I have ask my gaming friends and other gaming society whether the questionnaire is fun, and most seems so. Not to hide from you, it will take you around 10 minutes to finish it. I would really appreciate your input and effort as that would be helpful for my resesarches and to the gaming research community. There you go!

    If there is any question/comments/suggestions, feel free to ping me at

    Last but not least, thank you ATK Gaming Community for your great services always and wish her huge successes in her future aheads.
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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    Thank you so much!, i have already received one response just the moment I post it! so grateful and encouraging! T-T

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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    I registered to say thanks. Fantastic post and so encouraging


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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    "If at first you don't succeed, spend a lot of money to have a professional do it for you."

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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    Think you should have spoken to an admin before posting this, but I had a look and filled it out, good luck with your work

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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    Quote Originally Posted by Target View Post
    Think you should have spoken to an admin before posting this, but I had a look and filled it out, good luck with your work
    Thank you so much for your suggestion and encouragement as well. Also thank you everyone, I got huge huge responses from all you guys, so grateful, don't know how to thank you guys enough T-T.

    PS: Oh yah, if you haven't, feel free to try the questionnaire, hehe.

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    Re: When a gamer become a researcher...

    Well I am a game enthusiast & love to play my favorite games. Since childhood I have been a passionate. When I play most of the time and work on a particular game then I become a researcher.

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