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Thread: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

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    CS: GO Launch Date Announced


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be launching August 21st on PC, Xbox360 and PS3!

    News sources are saying that it'll cost ~$15. We need to be ready by then to get our servers online!
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    Re: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

    Sooner than i expected - in time for LAN

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    Re: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

    Thats awesome, glad they put it at a price to reflect the fact that its not an entirely new game, although it does look amazing and they could have charged a lot more. Shows they care about the gaming community unlike Activision and the way they handled the CoD series.
    Can't wait for this, so many people going to buy it at that price so will be a really popular game me thinks and you don't even need a super computer to run it, get the servers up ready chalex

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    Re: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

    Great little birthday present for you and me then Chalex
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    Re: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

    its really awesome news to hear as i was waiting from long time for its new version to be launched., and they have really launched it at decent price as with this many people going to buy it at that price so will be a really popular game

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    Re: CS: GO Launch Date Announced

    Yes I too was from long time waiting for it to be launched.

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