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Thread: Total War: Rome 2

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    Total War: Rome 2

    It's back by popular demand, obviously most people don't like muskets as much as I do...


    PC Gamer article:

    Live action trailer:

    Video interviews:

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    Re: Total War: Rome 2

    Well then.....

    Since Rome Total War was by far my favorite in the franchise, I look forward to this ^^

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    Re: Total War: Rome 2

    My favourite porn - is pregnant porn

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    Re: Total War: Rome 2

    YES, this is #1 lan game yeh

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    Re: Total War: Rome 2

    Heard lots of bad things about this game :/

    Compared to the original Rome it ended up being a bit of a flop. I don't know what it is like after the patch but before, omg crazy!

    Angry Joe did a review on the game and I found around 9.30 quite amazing!

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