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Thread: Gaming Channel - Check it out :)

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    Gaming Channel - Check it out :)

    Hey everyone out there in the community.

    Our name is failerkin and we're a gaming channel specializing in various video games.
    The reason for putting up our names in this community is simply to spread our word.

    We have been having a lot of difficulties building up an active subscriber base, DO NOT get me wrong, though.
    We provide daily content and we try to let our subscribers decide what we play.

    We are both 16 y/o and from Denmark. No bad english and none of that high-pitch voice sh*t

    We try to add humor to our videos and not keep it monotone all the way through.
    Please check out our channel, watch some of our videos and then decide whether to subscribe or not, it would mean the world to us


    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Re: Gaming Channel - Check it out :)

    hey guys, unfortunately it doesn't benefit us much if you advertise through our forum, however if you want to boost your popularity and submit articles incorporating your videos, it would be mutually beneficial between atk and yourselves. If you are interested in creating content for the website and getting more advice for it, just give us a shout.

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    Re: Gaming Channel - Check it out :)

    Good idea Theory, but this guy is probably just a spammer.
    Quote Originally Posted by ez64
    chalex has so much control we control ourselves

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