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Thread: Marshy and i49

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    Marshy and i49

    Hi all!

    Got some bad news i guess, I've been thinking about doing something new all year as many of you know, anyway i'll leave out all the shit, i'm not going to be able to go to summer lan, Mitch already knows and i guess you know that this sucks pretty hard. Anyway, i should be able to come down for the last day so hope to see you all then!

    I have been trying to work around it but dates have pretty much screwed me over so my hands really are tied, sorry for being a let down!
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    Re: Marshy and i49

    I dont remember you saying anything?

    Oh well, no great loss.

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    Re: Marshy and i49

    Haha what a mug, you will be sooo greatly missed (NOT)

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    Re: Marshy and i49

    Sorry yo

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    Re: Marshy and i49

    shittest april fools ever

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    Re: Marshy and i49

    Marshy is whipped and hes not even going out with her, what a freaking mug.

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