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Thread: ATK LoL Team times....

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    ATK LoL Team times....

    Ok a thread so we can all write down what times we can play so we can really get some good practice going. We can do a format so:

    02/04 - 20:00 - late

    Zabz team said they will scrim us all day sometime so when people are free we can organise that and get like a full day practice in.

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    20:00 till late is good for me

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    15:00 till 8ish this week
    Next week - 15:00 till 9:30-10 ish
    This is UK time btw

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    tomorrow night im good and friday, thursday im at a party and out tonight.

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    This week (01/04 to 07/04) I'm free all day, every day as it's the Easter Holidays for me.

    During university times, I'm free at the following times:
    Monday - 6pm - 10pm
    Tuesday - 1pm - 10pm
    Wednesday - 6pm - 10pm
    Thursday - Free all day
    Friday - Free all day
    Saturday - Free all day
    Sunday - Free all day

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    Can I play against badzubas team at some point for fun

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    ^ no bad, lol Theory such a party animal, k well maybe we can play tomorrow afternoon

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    Can people get on tonight at all or anytime we can set some practice up?

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    I'll be there babe

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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    Prob won't be on any time this weekend unless we arrange it, will be playing next week any time after 7.30ish

    basically I have no commitment to the team or interest in progressing.
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    Re: ATK LoL Team times....

    You mug, ok we will try and organise for next week.

    Running a LoL tournament lets do this.

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