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Thread: Website Layout

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    Website Layout

    I think the website looks a lot better now, needs a little tweaking and maybe some new articles would be great (know people are busy).

    I will try get a Battlefield 4 Review written up this week.

    Anyone any suggestions for changes to the homepage? And can anyone make these changes, Chalex said he was happy with us to fiddle with it. Also get on the new teamspeak aswell so far its working nicely!

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    Re: Website Layout

    Haha, I just created a thread for redesigning recent threads:

    Let's use this thread for general design ideas for the whole site/homepage!
    Totally happy for things to change.

    Battlefield 4 Review would also be awesome .
    Quote Originally Posted by ez64
    chalex has so much control we control ourselves

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    Re: Website Layout

    MOAR AD SPACE ... maybe offer up the banner people would be more likely to use it and pay more moneys at its huge and having random game screenshots are meh

    just an idea ...


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    Re: Website Layout

    Freddy could sort the website out, he's does design and shit and then we can blame him for everything, perfect plan.

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    Re: Website Layout

    im not a web devoloper gawd

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